8th grader bakes mom’s cookie recipe for food bank fundraiser

Harrison Hatlo Porter, an 8th grader at Valley Christian Junior High in San Jose, was determined to raise money for his local food bank, Second Harvest of Silicon Valley.

He had seen the long lines there, and the homeless encampments nearby. And he wanted to help. But how?

It was after he read the book "Kamala and Maya's Big Idea," written by the vice president's niece, that a lightbulb went on.

"I felt inspired. So I decided to make my mom's best cookies and sell them to raise money for Second Harvest," Harrison said.

Those cookies are a deep dish version of chocolate chip. Harrison created a budget for butter, sugar and flour. He called the business "Crumbs."

He got an instagram page @Crumbs4Good, and an email for orders.

"It was definitely a struggle. But I was eventually able to start getting my first batches out. And I was very proud of how they came out, especially since I had never baked them before," said Harrison.

He was a fast learner. And good thing too, since eager customers ordered 400 cookies in his first two days of business.

"There was flour, ingredients everywhere. There was cookies. There was the smell of baking. And the funny part was my dad kept trying to sneak some cookies. And I lost a couple cookies to him," said Harrison.

Friends ordered, teachers ordered, and the money started rolling in.

Over a period of three months, Harrison raised $2,100 for Second Harvest of Silicon Valley.

"My initial goal was just to raise $1,000 dollars by the end of 2020. But with the support of my community that goal was broken quickly and easily," he said.

This was especially meaningful, since need at Second Harvest has doubled thanks to COVID.

They're now feeding 500,000 people a month. They say grassroots efforts like this one help them meet that need.

"So Harrison has donated over $2,100 to our cause. And that translates to over 4,200 meals. And I don't see that stopping any time soon cause he's so committed. And we are so very grateful," said Cat Cvengros of Second Harvest of Silicon Valley.

And Harrison hopes to do more. He said he'll continue baking and donating, with the new goal of reaching $3,500.

"Even that goal I think will get smashed by my community," said Harrison.

Crumbs delivers in the San Jose area, but will ship to those further away.

His cookies are $10 a dozen. You can order at Crumbs4Good@gmail.com.