94-year-old park ranger attacked in Richmond home to return to work

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Betty Reid Soskin, the 94-year-old Richmond resident who was attacked in a home-invasion robbery where her presidential commemorative coin was stolen late last month, will return to work Wednesday.

The National Parks Service (NPS) said Soskin will return to the Rosie the Riveter visitor center along Richmond’s waterfront at around 9:30 a.m.

It will be the first time Soskin returns to work since the June 27 incident where a still at-large suspect broke and entered her second-floor apartment, struck her several times before stealing her items including the commemorative coin personally presented to her by President Barack Obama for being the oldest ranger in the park service. Government officials have told Soskin she will get a replacement coin.

Soskin is prepared to speak about her recovery. Police are still working to find her attacker. Over $50,000 has been raised to help her reclaim her personal space and replace the items she lost, the NPS said.

The police continue to work diligently to try to find the attacker.  Subsequent to the attack, Soskin has been recovering in her home and has received support from across the nation.  Over $50,000 has been raised to help Soskin reclaim her personal space and replace the items she lost.