95-year-old twins credit Guinness, 'no sex' to longevity

Apparently abstinence and alcohol are the key to a long life.

Identical twin sisters Lilian “Lil” Cox and Doris Hobday are Britain’s oldest twins, having turned 95 on July 20. The adorable pair are now sharing their secrets to longevity, which include some unusual steps.

According to Lil, a big key to living a long life is “no sex and plenty of Guinness," though the pair also agree that eating raw sausage is something that keeps the two spry.

"Just a link of sausage and spread it on your bread," Lil told the host of ITV's "Good Morning" segment. "It's nice. Or I can just cut one in two and put it in my mouth and cut the skin off."

The Tipton Twins, as they have become to be known, also shared their favorite food: fish and chips.

The happy-go-lucky elderly sisters, who live next door to each other, have become unexpected viral hits after recently discovering Facebook and posting their hilarious videos and pictures offering a window into their lives – which, in addition to beer and raw meat, includes lots of laughter and talk about the twins’ crush, Jason Statham.

Oddly enough, the twins aren't the only ones touting these life-prolonging tips. In August, a New York woman celebrating her 107th birthday claimed that staying single was the key to a long life. And at her 100th birthday in 2018, a British woman swore by Guinness. “She refuses to go a day without drinking it,” the woman's daughter said.

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