A bare-bear suffering from mange rescued and making strong recovery

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A California black bear cub badly impacted by mange was found and is being treated by medical professionals thanks to some good Samaritans in Placer County.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife picked up the nearly fur-less cub from the folks who were caring for her and alerted The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center in Romona, California, saying they may need their help. 

The Wildlife Center began preparing a recovery room and made sure they were stocked with supplies to properly treat the bare-bear. A couple of volunteers drove the cub to the center on Christmas Eve. And though they don’t normally name their patients, they decided to with this one. Appropriately, she was named “Eve.”

Before her journey to the Wildlife Center, the department sedated and gave her a full exam, including a medicated bath and medications to begin killing the mange. Her fur was severely affected, but Eve wasn’t emaciated and didn’t have any other serious infections, and so they decided she deserved chance at recuperating. 

Mange is a highly contagious skin disease caused by mites. Severely affected animals may display signs of depression or lethargic-like behavior. And if the disease around the face become involved, animals could potentially go blind, have difficulty eating or experience a loss of hearing. Often times harshly affected bears will not den.   

Good news is it’s been a good start to 2018 for Eve. The Wildlife Center reports that “she is responding well to the enrichment items and so far she has adjusted well to her new environment.” Young Eve is also having no issues with her appetite, as her caregivers describe her as a “hearty eater.”

The hope is that by next Christmas Eve, the cub will have made a full recovery and is back in the wild where she belongs. 

Those who wish to donate to Eve’s recovery should visit a Humane Society donation center.