Active shooter alarm sparks unnecessary scare on Treasure Island

Law enforcement officers on Wednesday descended on Treasure Island after being alerted to a possible active shooter, that ultimately ended in an all-clear.

At around 11:21 a.m. San Francisco police officers responded to a building in the 300 block of Avenue H to investigate the possible threat but found nothing.

Officer Robert Rueca, a spokesperson for the police department, said it was later determined that someone inside the building pushed a button to trigger the active shooter alarm that automatically alerts police.

Rueca would not identify who activated the alarm and the reason for it, but he said law enforcement officers are speaking to several people who were at the facility at that time.

Authorities confirmed that no shots were fire and no injuries were reported.

The scene unfolded at a multi-use building on Treasure Island that several businesses and organizations occupy. Rueca explained that the building is equipped with different security systems, one of which is an active shooter alarm.

"Similar to pressing the button on a security alarm for a fire," Rueca said. "This alarm security has the capability of transmitting that information without having to speak with a human."

Various law enforcement agencies around the city responded to the area due to the severity of the potential threat. 

Earlier it was reported that the San Francisco Fire Department was running an active shooter drill in the Sunset District that might have created confusion, but police officials said the two incidents were unrelated.