Activists pack planning commission meeting for SF 16th and Mission housing project

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SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) Residents of San Francisco's Mission District packed a crowded San  Francisco Planning Commission informational meeting Thursday evening regarding a housing development at the corner of 16th and Mission streets.

The meeting at Mission High School at 3750 18th St. is to discuss a mixed-use project at 1979 Mission St., which would include a five- to ten-story building that would have up to 331 housing units and ground floor commercial space, planning officials said.

The housing development would result in the demolition of two buildings at the current location, according to planning officials.

The project, first proposed in 2013, will be overseen by Maximus Real Estate Partners.

Housing activists have dubbed the project the "Monster in the Mission" since it was first proposed, because of it's large size, uncharacteristic of the neighborhood, which is known for its Latino population.

The activists are calling for more affordable housing in the Mission and to do away with expensive, high-priced units that would further displace the area's longtime residents.

According to officials with Maximus, a new proposal released Thursday would include the dedication of two fully entitled land sites for affordable housing. Those sites are at 2675 Folsom and 2918 Mission streets. 

Maximus officials said they recently reached agreements to purchase the two sites.

"As part of the deal, Maximus would provide the community with the two sites to fulfill its affordable housing requirements and the project at 16th and Mission would be built as 331 rental apartments," Maximus officials said in a statement.

The officials said, "2675 Folsom and 2918 Mission are currently entitled for 192 total units, of which 31 are scheduled to be affordable. 

However, if the local density bonus was invoked, the two sites could be built with up to 306 affordable units."