Ad Check: Prop 11 - Breaks for EMTs or on call the entire shift?

Proposition 11 requires employees of private ambulance companies to be on call for emergencies during their breaks. Yvonne Leow, co-founder of the non-partisan By the Bay voter guide says if passed, the measure wouldn't change much for employees. "This is already industry standard," she explained. "Really what we're looking at is another battle between the labor union and the private ambulance company."

The measure was introduced by American Medical Response, the country's largest ambulance company, which spent $2.8 million to put Proposition 11 on the ballot and another $5 million to promote it. 

The Legislative Analysts Office says giving employees uninterrupted breaks would cost tens of millions of dollars in extra staffing. "Those costs would trickle down to local cities and governments," said Leow. 

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While there is no official "No on 11" campaign, the emergency medical technician labor union has spoken out against Proposition 11, calling it "a wolf in sheep's clothing" and an attempt by AMR to protect itself from litigation.