Adorable toddler mimics inflatable Halloween decoration

In an attempt to get out of a quarantining rut, Orin, who turns 3 on Oct. 15, and his mom, Lindsay Ball, decided to take a stroll around their neighborhood.

“Our older son is busy with virtual school, so I find myself desperate for ways to keep Orin busy,” Ball said in an email.

While the pair were out on their walk, Orin noticed that one of his neighbors had put up decorations for Halloween, and one in particular seemed to pique his interest — so much so that he decided to imitate the inflatable’s movements.

Video recorded by Orin’s mom shows the jovial toddler dancing along with an inflatable Jack Skellington that was waving around in the air, like those often seen at car dealerships.

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“Our next door neighbor had just put the Jack Skellington up in their yard, and Orin hadn’t noticed it until our walk. He’s always been a character and a complete clown, so him imitating Jack wasn’t really a surprise or unusual,” Ball said.

Orin’s ability to emulate the inflatable decoration’s movements certainly showcased his humorous character.

“In fact, he had been doing it for a good while when I finally decided to pull out my phone and record it, because I thought my parents and in-laws would get a kick out of it,” Ball joked. “As a family, we love to laugh, and we're so happy that Orin's dance moves have brought a smile to so many people's faces!”