Alameda County deputy in critical condition after being struck by bus

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A veteran Alameda County sheriff's deputy was hurt after he was struck by a transportation vehicle at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin early Wednesday morning, a sheriff's spokesman said.

The incident happened at about 6 a.m. at the transportation yard behind the jail near Broder Boulevard, Sgt. Ray Kelly said. The Alameda Co. Sheriff's Office identified the victim as Deputy Mike Foley, 60. He has worked for the Alameda sheriff for eight years but before that had worked for Concord police for 30 years.

Authorities declined to release the name of the hospital where Foley was being treated. He was said to be in critical condition on Wednesday. 

Foley, described as a hard-working veteran who often volunteers for overtime, underwent a procedure to try to reduce swelling in his brain. Officials said the hospital he was taken to at the time of the accident did not have functional CAT scan equipment.

Officials with the sheriff's office called the incident an accident. The driver, also a deputy, will be placed on administrative leave due to trauma.  The driver was said to be "devastated" by the accident. 

Foley was said to be walking through the parking lot when he was struck by an inmate transportation bus, driven by the deputy. There were no inmates on the bus.

California Highway Patrol will recreate the scene of the accident on Thursday. At the news conference, the driver was characterized as a reliable driver with a long history of being a "professional driver".  

The accident happened prior to the driver picking up inmates at the jail.

“He had just started the bus. It was the very start of his day and was pulling out of his spot where they park the bus and that’s where he struck the deputy who was walking,” said Alameda County Sheriff's Sergeant J.D. Nelson.

“It was dark and I’m sure there is condensation on the windows,” Nelson said. “It’s an accident. He just didn’t see him.”

A large group of other deputies have gathered to support the deputy and his family.