Alameda County Fair adds measures to keep cool in triple-digit heat

Alameda County Fair officials have made adjustments to battle the triple-digit heat that continues through the Fourth of July holiday week.

They have added more mist and hydration stations, shaded areas to sit, and new schedules that have livestock shows starting in the cooler early morning hours.

Families were out enjoying the Wednesday Dollar Day deal for roller coaster and other rides, which they said was a fun way to catch a breeze.

"I checked the temperature this morning. It was supposed to be 107 degrees, so I knew it was going to be a hot one. When we first came in, we grabbed our little spray bottles and made sure we were ready for the heat," said Neymiya Moore, a Hayward mother who brought her two daughters.

The water ride was a big attraction for her daughter, Aaliyah Coleman.

"That was the best. It cooled me down in the end. I liked that," said Aaliyah.

Alameda County Fair officials said safety is a top priority during the heat wave.

"Although we have over 2,000 trees that create great shade on the property, we've created eating areas that are under shade structures," Angel Moore, COO of the Alameda County Fair, said.

Moore says the fair has partnered with Kaiser Permanente, which provides free sunscreen stations. There are also hydration stations inside air-conditioned buildings that provide free water or a place to refill water bottles.

"We've also gone in and we've added more misting stations throughout the property," Moore said.

Daniella Cincera of San Ramon said the misting stations were great, and her family hopes the fair will increase the number of stations.

"I told them because it's so hot, I want to come back to the misters a couple of times a day," Cincera said, adding that it was worth it to attend the fair despite the heat.

"Time with family. It's a tradition. We've been doing this since I was a kid," Cincera said.

The fair also shifted livestock shows to the early morning to help the youth and livestock stay cool.

"I think we were supposed to show at like 10 a.m., but they changed it to like 6 a.m. because it gets really hot out here and pigs can't sweat, so we have to do it earlier," Brielle Moore of Alameda said.

Angel Moore said that horse racing was not scheduled for Wednesday but is set to resume on Thursday. She said there are fans and ice for the horses in the barns and that they plan to shorten the amount of time the horses are in the heat.

Moore says the fair adheres to California racing standards, and they are prepared to cancel the races if the weather conditions reach that threshold for unsafe conditions.

The Alameda County Fair will be open until 8 p.m. on the Fourth of July and continues through Sunday.