Alameda County Fair come to a close with hundreds of attendees

Sunday marked the final day of the Alameda County Fair, and it's been hot for fairgoers this year. High temperatures didn't stop hundreds of people from making their way to the Alameda County Fair, enjoying the traditional fair foods like turkey legs and slushies.

"Yes, I get the big ol' turkey leg because I'm from Texas and they say it's a Texas-sized turkey leg. Everything is bigger in Texas, even the heat," said Tanya Thomas attending the fair.

It's been all about beating the heat at this year's fair in Pleasanton. Sunday was a bit cooler, but not by much.

From umbrellas to covered wagons, and even a few spritz fans, folks had lots of ways to stay cool:

"Something like a smoothie, something that's desirable and people see it and say 'Where'd you get that from,'" said fairgoer Carlos Thomas.

Organizers suggested fairgoers come out during the evening hours if they are more sensitive to high temperatures. Still, many folks braved the fair during the day, saying it’s a part of their tradition.

"I've been taking her to Alameda County fair since she was 2. It's one of our things," said Saj Shah, attending the fair with his daughter.

The fair comes to a close just in time as the holiday weekend ends.