Alameda County to allow outdoor 'social bubbles' starting Monday

(Photo by Luis Gutierrez Norte Photo/Getty Images)

As long as you keep it outdoors and to 12 people or less, Alameda County on Friday announced it will allow people belonging to the same "social bubble" to gather starting Monday, June 8. 

The Alameda County Public Health Department issued its coronavirus social bubble guidelines and defined it as 12 people or fewer from different households. In addition, the social bubble should be maintained for a minimum of three weeks. And you should not participate in other social bubbles. It's an exclusive agreement and you are restricted to one social bubble at a time. 

The department adds your social bubble should still practice social/physical distancing (keeping 6 feet apart) and that you should wear a face covering. 

This latest order builds and expands on the restrictions from the previous May 18 order from the health department. The amendment was made in light of progress towards controlling the spread of the disease. 

In addition, the order allows childcare and camps for all children, not just children of essential workers. 

Small outdoor gatherings for Childcare or Youth Extracurricular Activity Units are allowed, but again, must be kept to 12 persons or less and should follow the same guidelines for social bubbles. 

As of Friday afternoon, Alameda County has 3,725 cases of COVID-19, an additional 84 from the day before, and 101 deaths. 

Read the full order here