Alameda gives prelimiinary approval to rent control measure

At about 2:30 Wednesday morning, after a contentious meeting with more than 100 speakers, the Alameda City Council gave preliminary approval to a rent control measure.

The issue has been the subject of heated meetings in Alameda for months.

The measure that was approved does not make either renters or landlords completely happy.

It strengthens the city's process for reviewing rent increases of more than 5-percent, limits evictions, and requires landlords to help pay a tenant's moving costs for some evictions.

"We need fair strict guidelines that are actually monitored and enforced to be able to make renters feel safe in their own homes again," said Catherine Pauling, Alameda Renters Coalition. "That they're not going to come home to a 60 day notice."

"It's about time landlords and property owners aren't demonized," said Francis Quinones of Alameda.

Again, the city council gave preliminary approval to the measure..

And will have a "second reading" of the ordinance at its next meeting.