Alamo elementary school fights bigotry from Kansas church group with rainbows

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Dozens of parents and supporters are planning a display of love and solidarity in front of an elementary school in Alamo Tuesday morning to fight off a Kansas-group who is known for its hatred of homosexuality. 

Wendy Coats, a parent in the district, said she’s expecting anywhere from 60 to 100 people to show up at Rancho Romero Elementary School and to line the sidewalk with rainbow umbrellas.

It’s an action designed to counter a planned picket by a the Westboro Baptist Church of Kansas,  that's been classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. A handful of church members issued a  press release saying they would be picketing outside the elementary school – and they’re known for their anti-LGBT signs and agenda.

“My hope is there is a beautiful message,” Coats said, adding that she wants students to feel “loved, celebrated, and valued for exactly who they are. 

Why the Westboro church group coming to this particular elementary school is not entirely clear. But according to Coats, earlier this year, Rancho Romero Elementary had a sign on the campus that talked about gender identity and gender fluidity. Some parents objected to it and stories about the sign went viral and got social media attention around the country.