American Canyon taste of the town

You may have seen the South Kelly Grill on your way to Napa, but have you ever stopped inside? The familiar rustic brick building has been there for decades.

Once inside, you can grab a stool at the counter or a seat at a table and settle in. There's hot coffee, eggs, waffles, bacon and pancakes all coming out hot and fast from the busy kitchen.

Locals rave about the quality of food and generous portions. 

"I have an amazing kitchen staff. We have chef Alfonso Valencia running our kitchen and he takes a lot of pride," said owner Elizabeth Killian. 'This establishment has been here over 60 years. People have come here with their grandparents and now they come here as grandparents."

Killian says the secret to running a successful business is caring about the customers.

"We serve some people every day Sometimes twice a day,' she said with a laugh.

After pancakes, we headed out to Marshall Farms to try some local honey. You can try some of the honey that goes from hive to bottle right on the small, rustic farm. 

Just down the block is a French bakery that attracts both locals and tourists. The Le Paris Artisan and Gourmet Cafe features French classics like almond croissants and baguettes. But you can also find delicious seasonal fruit tarts, cannoli and more. The bakery's signature creation is the "cro-puff."​ The combination of a cream puff and a croissant solves the problem of a soggy cream puff by making the outside a crunchy, flaky croissant.

'The regular cream puff I make into a croissant dough so it's a different version but the filling is the same. We make it fresh daily, it's hand cut and then hand piper so it's moist inside and crunchy outside," explained owner and chef Jay Magsano. 

There are also macaroons. The purple one is filled with ube, a nod to Chef Magsano's Filipino heritage.