American Express announces enhanced parental leave policy


American Express is the latest company to announce its enhanced its parental leave policy. 

According to American Express, the company announced US based full and part time employees will be eligible for 20 weeks of paid leave. 

The company is also increasing benefits for reproductive services, surrogacy, adoption and lactation. 

Both women and men who have a child through birth, adoption or surrogacy are covered under the plan. 

The plan also offers mothers who give birth additional paid leave which is generally six to eight additional weeks. 

The following benefits are also being increased:

  • Reimbursement of expenses up to $35,000 to help with the cost of an adoption or surrogacy event (up to a maximum of two events per employee);
  • A lifetime maximum benefit of $35,000 for reproductive and fertility treatments, available under the company’s health plans;
  • Free 24-hour access to board-certified lactation consultants
  • Free breast-milk shipping while traveling on company business

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