Another Rolex robbery in Walnut Creek

It's happened again, another "follow-home" Rolex-watch robbery in Walnut Creek, the latest incident in the Tri-Valley in recent months.

"They pretty much attacked my fiance. They beat him up pretty badly," said Elvira Zhumasheva.

Zhumasheva said she was inside her home on Grover Lane near Rudgear Road at about 10 p.m. Monday when she heard screaming out front.

"Two guys come out with guns and they say, ‘Don’t move, give us your watch.’ "

The two men, both wearing masks and gloves, confronted her fiance and his friend after they got out of a Mercedes. They took off with her fiance’s Rolex watch after pistol-whipping him. They also took his friend’s phone.

"This incident is pretty terrible. I’m pregnant, and I don’t know if I would be there, i don’t know what would happen to my kid," she said, her voice breaking. "That was pretty terrible."

She said her fiance and friends began the night at Burma 2, a popular downtown restaurant on North Main Street - just steps from the Walnut Creek Police Department and City Hall.

"I think they definitely saw them at the Burma restaurant before," she said. "And he saw there was another car following them, and it was that car that followed us to here."

This is the latest "follow-home" robbery in the area.

Earlier this month, three suspects were arrested after a chase to Antioch for robbing a victim of a Rolex outside the Danville Trader Joes store. Authorities say the holdup was carried out at the direction of a street gang, which also told them where to sell the watch.. Two of the suspects are also accused of robbing another victim of a Rolex in walnut creek

In June, four women spent the day in San Francisco and were followed to one of their homes in Danville, where several men robbed them of watches and high-end jewelry.

"You don’t ever think it will happen to you right? I thought we lived in a pretty safe neighborhood, but apparently we’re not, and now…we couldn’t sleep all night," Zhumasheva said.