Another shooting along busy I-80 in the East Bay

There was another shooting along busy I-80 in the East Bay Monday night; there have been at least five shootings on or near the freeway since November.  

In Monday night's shooting, three kids were sitting in the back seat of the family's car when a bullet slammed through their back window and hit the driver's headrest before exiting out the rear window on the other side.  A 2-year-old child was hurt by shattered glass.  

The shooting happened on eastbound I-80 near Richmond Parkway at about 7:45pm.  The family stopped at the shell station on Fitzgerald Drive and asked the clerk for help.  

The CHP says the family was victimized by gunfire meant for another car.  They say the intended victims, a man in his 20's and a teenage girl, were soon dropped off at a hospital with gunshot wounds that weren't life-threatening. 

This is the most recent case in what is becoming a sad pattern -- there have been at least five shootings along I-80 in Berkeley, San Pablo, Richmond, and Pinole since November.  The Pinole shooting was deadly and a woman died in a sixth shooting on Richmond city streets not far from the freeway.  

Authorities believe most of the attacks involve gang members targeting rivals, but innocent people have been caught in the crossfire.  They say freeway shootings provide gunmen with a quick escape route, and although there are many drivers around it is often too chaotic for anybody to provide a clear suspect description.