Another spare the air alert issued for Friday

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The Bay Area Air Quality Management District has issued a second-straight Spare the Air alert for Friday because of elevated levels of smog expected as a result of high temperatures and light winds in the region.

The air district also issued an air quality advisory because of possible smoke from wildfires elsewhere in Northern California like the Walker Fire in Plumas County that may drift into the Bay Area, mostly at higher elevations.

A Spare the Air alert had also been issued for Thursday because of excessive smog, and Friday's alert is the 14th so far in the summer season.

On Spare the Air days, the air district encouraged people to find alternatives to driving solo, such as carpooling, taking public transit or working from home.

Pollution from smog, or ozone, can cause throat irritation, congestion, chest pain and other medical problems.

Outdoor exercise on Spare the Air days is only recommended in the early morning hours when smog concentrations are lower, according to the air district.