Anti-fascist groups take a 'victory march' in Berkeley

Even though the free speech rallies were cancelled for this week, demonstrations on the UC Berkeley campus  continued Monday. Hundreds of anti-fascist groups and their supporters held a demonstration.

"This is our victory march so to speak," explained protester Alan Marling.

After about an hour of speeches on campus, at around 1 p.m., a small group of protesters marched into  Wheeler Hall, an academic building near Sproul Plaza, and staged a sit-in.

A UC spokesman says a protester pulled a fire alarm inside the building forcing most inside to evacuate.

The building remained closed for about an hour until police got the protesters to leave peacefully. Police say they will be investigating the puling of the fire alarm.

"They wanted to reclaim the university which spent $800,000 to allow fascists to speak on campus," said Marling.

Protesters say even though they succeeded in shutting down the free speech rallies, they still wanted to make a point today.

"There shouldn't be business as usual while there is white supremacy and xenophobia. And we spend much more civil disobedience and disruption in this country," said Sunsara Taylor who represents an anti-fascist group.

Some classes were cancelled.

"It's a little annoying. But if people feel passionate about something, go for it," said one student.

The leader of a Republican student group said he didn't understand the purpose of the demonstrations.

"The far left and anti-fascist groups want to make a point even though they already won. They shut down free speech," said Troy Worden, head of Berkeley College Republicans.

There was one arrest today. That was for wearing a mask on campus which is prohibited.