‘Anyone missing their frozen turkey?’: Dog caught with whole Thanksgiving fowl in middle of road

A photo posted on Tuesday captured a dog with a whole raw Thanksgiving turkey in the middle of the road in Arkansas.

The dog, which appeared to be a brown mixed breed, stood next to the holiday bird, looking straight at the camera. Jenny Jones was driving from Round Mountain but stopped as soon as she saw him with the turkey in Conway, her friend Kathy Wyrick recounted. Jones couldn’t help but to snap the picture. 

“Jenny stopped as soon as she saw it. She couldn't stop laughing. It was hilarious,” Wyrick said. “Another friend (Karen McNutt) shared that she saw it and laughed all of the way to work.” 

Wyrick then posted the now-viral photo on her Facebook page. 

“Anyone missing their frozen turkey? If so, this Conway dog proudly had it in the Round Mtn. area,” she wrote. 

“Round Mountain is an area in Conway. He had stopped in the road and was proudly displaying his find,” Wyrick said. “He picked it up and moved on after the photo was taken.” 


A picture posted on Tuesday capturing a dog with a Thanksgiving turkey in the middle of the road in Arkansas has gone viral over the holiday.

This Thanksgiving, Wyrick is thankful for the picture. 

“The photo has brought a tremendous amount of joy and laughter to many,” she said. “For that, we thank Jenny, as well as the dog and his turkey.” 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.