APEC security zones and barricades come down

The dignitaries and officials who attended last week's Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in San Francisco have come and gone. Now it's time for the security measures to come down, as roads reopen and public transit returns to its normal routes. 

A stack of barricades that had been up for days now was visible on the street. Some have been broken down over the weekend. Workers stacked them up and put them off to the side, but there's still plenty of work to be done. 

Despite some barricades still being up, traffic is open for some of the roadways in the security zone. There are still some closures in this corridor as of Sunday morning, but some traffic is flowing through. 

The hope is to get all the removal done before Monday's workday starts.   

KTVU spoke to one business owner nearby who was hoping to get a big boost in business from all of APEC's attendees. But in the end, he says because of those security checkpoints, this was hard. 

"The security was really tight. It was hard for people to come. They could come in, but nobody really wanted to come through the checkpoints, you know, through all the gates just to come for a coffee," he told KTVU. 

San Francisco Emergency Operations Center says all Muni routes affected by APEC will return to normal access Monday morning, except for one on California Street, which will still be restricted until Tuesday.