San Francisco streets still cleared post-APEC, but will it last?

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit is over, and locals in San Francisco noticed a difference in street conditions during the conference. It's a change that many say they've noticed the cleaner conditions on many of the city's streets. Now the question is how to maintain that momentum.

Pro-Palestine protesters shut down Bay Bridge

A well-coordinated group of hundreds of Pro-Palestine protesters shut down the Bay Bridge on Thursday morning, tying up traffic during rush hour and calling out to world leaders to end the war in Gaza during the APEC summit. 

Chinese President Xi Jinping's APEC welcome reception met with protests

A dinner reception welcoming China's President Xi Jinping on Wednesday drew both supporters and protesters. The event followed the landmark meeting between the Chinese leader and U.S. President Biden as part of the APEC summit. SFPD said three protesters were arrested, but they did not say why.

APEC protesters cause downtown SF disruptions

Protests over the APEC summit continued on Wednesday with a group of demonstrators linking arms and blocking traffic on a downtown San Francisco street in the morning. Activists continued to take to the street throughout the day to draw attention to a variety of global causes.