App offers storage solutions for those in tight spaces

If you live in a tight space you already know that every square foot really counts.

"If you have four people in a 700 sq. foot apartment with five sets of ski's and seven pieces of luggage the first thing you run out of is space," says Omni CEO Thomas McLeod. His plan is to help people maximize that space by storing stuff off site, then delivering it whenever you need it with his app Omni. 

It’s a service that touts itself as on demand storage for your possessions. 

"You hit a button on your phone we show up we take it away, but we photograph and inventory every single distinct item so you can get just what you when you need it on demand," says McLeod. 

The app organizes your items similar to an online catalog at your disposal.

Wednesday we tagged along on a delivery.

"The customer wants some items back, looks like she's going camping this weekend, this week or whatever. So we're just taking them back to her right now," says Omni Operation Supervisor Anthony Monroe. 

Tina Hui's apartment doubles as her work space. So every square inch is accounted for. She says having the app helps her simplify her space while still doing her job.  "I run events quite often.  It's really nice when you're not using items necessary every day.  It's not taking up space in your home and you can just order it and its accessible whenever you need it to be," says Hui. 

Omni doesn't accept all items, anything too big for a single person to carry aren't stored.  The pricing per month is simple.  If it can fit into a carry-on bag and is naturally a group, for example sneakers or suits its $.50 cents an item.  If the item is bigger than a carry on its three dollars and if you have several items and you want to keep them in a bin it's $7.50.
Starting Wednesday, the service is branching out. It's now lending your items to friends at no additional cost. 
"My friend can borrow my tent.  Laura can borrow my sleeping bag.  My brother's in town and he wants my golf clubs. You can just text message to your friend and it can get fulfilled through Omni to their closet or to their house," McLeod.  Right now the service is limited to San Francisco, but the hope is to expand to other areas in the Bay by next year.