Arkansas couple adopts seven siblings at once, giving them a ‘forever family' ahead of Christmas

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Michael and Terri Hawthorn didn’t plan on adopting any kids when they decided to become foster parents, but it didn’t take long for that to change and this Christmas their family is more than double the size it was last year.

“I don't think we ever planned on this,” Michael, 56, told Fox News, “but things change in life. You open your doors to these children - especially the ones that spend time with you...they were like our own kids even before we adopted them. We reached a point where we couldn't let them leave."

It all started with Korgen, 3, who was just three weeks old when they got him in foster care three years ago. At four months, Korgen, who is nonverbal and has several health issues, had breathing problems and was rushed to a children’s hospital. Doctors said he wasn’t doing well until he heard Terri’s voice and his condition improved in her presence. She knew right there that he was put in their lives for a reason.

When the DHS adoption specialist told them Korgen had a potential adoptive match, Terri, 54, told her: “No, no, no, that’s me….I could not love him more even if I birthed him. We love him unconditionally.”

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