Arrest made in San Jose hit-and-run that left mother, dog dead

Police in San Jose have identified and arrested a suspect in a fatal hit-and-run over the weekend, the department announced on Monday evening.

The name of the suspect has not been released, but police have promised to follow up with a press release. Earlier police said they believed they had located the vehicle suspected in the crime.

Police had previously released a description of a car that fled after hitting a mother and her daughter while they were walking their dog Sunday evening.

The woman was identified as Limin Cao, 45, of Los Gatos. Cao and her dog died at the scene. Cao's daughter was hospitalized.

They were all struck around 6:50 p.m. while walking in a marked crosswalk across Blossom Hill Road in the area of Leigh Avenue.

"The pedestrians that were walking in the crosswalk, had the legal right of way. They were doing exactly the right thing. It was the driver who was going against a solid red light who caused this accident and also the fatality of the adult female," said Steve Aponte, San Jose Police Dept. Spokesperson.  

Residents in San Jose are now mourning the loss of Cao. 

"I came out here to support my community and I felt really saddened by this story because this is a street that I drive by every day and I go to school on the same street. So I really shook up by this," said Zorelle Guerra, of San Jose.   

Diana Crumedy is an advocate for Silicon Valley Bike Coalition and says San Jose’s Vision Zero program to improve road safety still needs an additional $12 million this year to be fully funded. She says redesigning the streets will force people to slow down and help save lives. 

"A year is another family, a year is another person that won’t make it back home, won’t be able to cross the street, another person that isn’t safe just leaving their car," said Diana Crumedy, with Silicon Valley Bike Coalition. 

San Jose Police said an automated license plate reader identified the car after a concerned citizen reported seeing a "suspicious" vehicle.

The vehicle was processed for evidence, SJPD said on Twitter.

The car was a 2000 green or blue Honda four-door sedan, possibly driven by a woman, headed west on Blossom Hill Road, police said Monday afternoon.

The collision marks the city's fourth pedestrian death this year.