Astounding rainfall measurements make storm one of Bay Area's biggest ever

The atmospheric river soaked the Bay Area with incredible amounts of rainfall over the weekend, making it one of the biggest on record.

The highest totals reported by the National Weather Service were found in hilly and mountainous areas of the North Bay and Santa Cruz County. Mt. Tamalpais was the wettest with 16.55 inches over a 48-hour period. St.Helena was next with 10.92. 

Within the past 24 hours, Woodacre in Marin County recorded 9.14 inches since 5 a.m. on Sunday, the NWS said.

Ben Lomond in the Santa Cruz mountains logged 7.93 inches in the same timeframe, according to the NWS. Over 48 hours it had, 9.63 inches.

Other weather watchers reported major levels of precipitation. Kentfield in Marin received more than a foot of rain at 12.29 inches. Mt. Veeder registered 11.18 inches. Sleepy Hollow picked up 9.64 inches while St. Helena in Napa County was doused by 9.32.

The storm might have actually been one of the biggest in the Bay Area's history for this time of year. The National Weather Service said it was still checking data, but, since 1950, only a December 1995 storm and another from winter 1955 were bigger. 

San Francisco International Airport got hit with 4.62 inches of rain from the moisture plume of the atmospheric river. Downtown San Francisco got 4.02 inches, making that the fourth rainiest day in San Francisco's history since the Gold Rush, according to the NWS. That made this month the second wettest October on record in the city.

A measuring site in the Oakland hills recorded 7.04 inches while a spot at lower elevation racked up 4.56, according to the NWS.

San Jose, where it was still raining Monday morning, had just over 2 inches of precipitation.

Correction: An earlier version of this story misstated that San Francisco had the third rainiest day on record. That was mistakenly based on a rainfall measurement at San Francisco International Airport. The rainfall recorded in downtown San Francisco stands as the fourth rainiest day in the city since the Gold Rush, according to National Weather Service records.