Authorities identify hostage and suspect killed in San Jose standoff

On Tuesday, San Jose Police identified the suspect in Monday's three-hour long standoff as 45-year-old Leonel Acevedo and said his hostage was 53-year-old Yolanda Najera.

Najera was found dead inside her home. Police said a motive behind the shooting is still under investigation, but late Monday confirmed the two knew each other.

Neighbors affectionately called her "abuela," a grandmother who was often seen walking her grandchildren to school every day.

"It's a shock to us that something like that would have happened to her," said Neighbor Michael Quintana. "She was such a nice person to us and to figure something like that happened to her that's horrible."

Police swarmed the Cambrian Park home just after 2 p.m. Monday afternoon, after neighbors reported seeing a man with a handgun forcing a woman inside. After a three-hour long standoff, cell phone video from a viewer captures SWAT officers moving in with a series of flash-bang stun grenades.

Acevedo was seen leaving the home with a handgun. That was when gunfire erupted.

"He pointed a firearm at the direction of officers," said Officer Albert Morales of San Jose Police. "At which point one of our officers returned fire striking the suspect. The suspect was pronounced dead a short time later."

The officer who returned fire is a veteran officer and now on paid leave. Police would only say at least one shot was fired toward Acevedo.

"We haven't seen that guy since he left. or at least I haven't," said the victim's roommate who identified himself as Rudy.

He said Acevedo had rented a room there before and was kicked out in July. Najera's death is still sinking in.
"She's raising two grandkids," said Rudy. "They are with their real mother right now."

Several neighbors said they say police at the home before. At least one neighbor said he witnessed an intense fight between Acevedo and Najera last week.

"You can have domestic arguments many times," said Greg Yhip who is a neighbor. "Maybe the police come and quell it or stop it but this is extreme."

A 12-year veteran officer was injured by gunfire. He was treated at the hospital for a minor flesh wound and is now recovering at home.