Baby hospitalized after being exposed to methamphetamine: Berkeley police

A baby exposed to methamphetamine has been in an intensive care unit for days, according to the Berkeley Police Department. 

Police said the child was exposed while crawling. "Remnants of the substance were still on the floor," police said.

A 35-year-old woman was arrested by police on suspicion of willful cruelty to a child causing harm, a police spokesperson said. Her name is Mabel Miranda, police said.

The relationship between Miranda and baby was not specified. 

The baby is 1 year old, according to the San Francisco Chronicle

Police said that on Oct. 30, an officer was flagged down because there was a baby "in medial distress." They did not identify the location where this happened. 

After being taken to a hospital, a toxicology test revealed that there was methamphetamine in the child's urine, police said. 

The child's condition has improved, police said, but the baby remained in the ICU on Thursday.