Bad air bad for business at the Oakland Zoo

For the fourth day in a row, the Oakland Zoo was closed to the public. The smoky skies are all but obliterating the bay view from the overlook.

The bad air wasn't disturbing a jaguar's nap and it seemed lke just another day to the bison.

The zoo closed for the health of humans. Zoologists say for the mosts part the animals are holding up well.

"We haven't noticed anything dramatic. We have seen a few animals that have been quieter than usual," said Leslie Storer, assistant zoologist.

Zoologists said some of the birds appear lethargic

It isn't possible to keep all animals inside, most of the exhibits were built for that. 

"There is nothing we have seen that would cause the stress of making them have to go to the hospital. So we are lucky on that front. Of course there is going to be a cumulative effect. So we have to monitor them every single day," she said.

The zoo said closing down has kept away 3,000 to 5,000 customers that come on average each day. The zoo estimates it's lost approximately $100,000 in admissions.

At Stagecoach Greens, an 18-hole miniature golf course in San Francisco's Mission Bay, business is off 70 percent because of the poor air quality.

One family from Lake County decided to come out and play despite the conditions. But almost everyone else has been canceling their tee times and birthday parties.

"We have a lot of birthday parties rented out. And they were canceled this weekend. They get to reschedule, but yeah, it's had an impact," said manger Kunjal Johnson.

Here at California Canoe and & Kayak in Oakland business has basically halted.

"We are kind of dead in the water right now while the smoke is happening," said owner Keith Miller.

Classes and special events have been canceled. The shop will just have to ride it out.

"Paddling takes energy. And we shouldn't be out there when it is unhealthy. And right now it is unhealthy," said Miller.

The Oakland Zoo announced it will be closed again Tuesday for the fifth day in a row.