Balcony prowler lurking in Oakland neighborhood

Oakland police are investigating a series of incidents in which intruders have climbed into homes in the Adams Point neighborhood through unsecured balconies.

"I screamed because I saw someone outside," said Sophia Admokom, recalling her face-to-face encounter with a stranger on her balcony Thursday night.

At first, Admokom thought it may have just been a shadow. So she turned on the light in her room.

"And then I saw someone peek their head out and I screamed, and I ran to get our dad," Admokom said.

It was no shadow. She and her sister had just interrupted a prowler. It was one of at least six incidents reported over the past month in Adams Point.

Patt Schroeder said she awoke to find an intruder in her bedroom, just hours after the incident with the sisters.

"I saw this man, standing right next to me," she said. "I screamed for bloody murder, 'Help help help help,' and so evidently it frightened him enough he went out the front door of my apartment."

The sisters say they're lucky the man never got into their apartment.

"It's super easy to get through the gate," Admokom said.

Her sister Charlotte Admokom said, "For me it's just really freaky because a lot of people are saying maybe he was just kind of like stalking people. So like for me that makes me feel kind of scared to go out or walk."

Oakland police Captain Robert Rosin said the intruder or intruders haven't physicallly attacked anyone, but have somehow managed to end up on balconies, even ones high up.

He had a safety message for residents. "We want you to lock your doors and windows. And remain vigiliant and aware of what's going on around you," Rosin said.

He says investigators are following up on leads.

"Hopefully we'll be able to make an arrest soon in the cases," Rosin said.

Residents have been on edge after recent homicides in the area, including that of an elderly Asian man out for a walk.

"It's scary," said Elizabeth Keating as she walked her dog. "It seems like there's been a ton of crime in this neighborhood since the pandemic started."

The Admokom sisters are counting their blessings.

"I'm never leaving my balcony open again," Sophia said.

"Or the blinds," Charlotte added.

"Or the blinds. I stayed up all night because I was terrified that he would come back," Sophia said.