BART considers charging $7.75 for one-way trip from Berryessa to Embarcadero

BART’s governing board is expected on Thursday to approve the proposed $7.75 one-way ticket price from the future Berryessa BART station in San Jose to the Embarcadero station in San Francisco.
That would make a round-trip $15.50 a day, $77.50 a work-week and $3,875 a year (minus two weeks for vacation.) 

“I think that’s very expensive,” Jessia Cramer said.

“The cost of living is just too much,” said Danny, a BART rider.

But if you’re ready to complain about those prices, consider: It costs more to drive.

According to though, driving one way from San Jose to San Francisco is $7.87, with gas costing about $4 a gallon. And that’s not including wear and tear on  your car, bridge tolls, parking and the headache of being in your car for 50 minutes – if there’s no accidents on the road. Plus, BART is friendlier to the environment and is a place where you can work for the hour that you’d otherwise be slogging through traffic. 

To compare other trips: It costs $10 one way from Oakland to San Francisco International Airport and $8.95 from Antioch to Warm Springs in Fremont.

To help offset the cost of its fares for low-income passengers, BART is joining Muni, Caltrain and Golden Gate transit in a regional income-based fare pilot that will offer discounts to those who qualify.

The program is expected to begin in the fall, according to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, which is spearheading the effort.

There’s no date set yet for when the two new stations will open, though officials say it will probably be toward the end of the year.