BART hog citations likely to be replaced with polite requests 'share the space'

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Riders who hog two or more seats on BART will likely not be ticketed or cited, thanks to a BART board who feel that police resources could be better used.

Instead, these BART hogs might simply be asked in a polite tone to move over and sit in one seat. The "please share the space" campaign isn't new. BART has been using police posters asking riders to give seats to seniors and disabled people, and not take up too many seats for several years. In 2014, BART posted a "crowded car survival guide" on YouTube guide, giving tips on proper seating and protocol.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that Board President Rebecca Saltzman proposed rescinding the law that allows police to fine BART riders who occupy more than a single seat during crowded commute hours. Directors passed the law on a 5-4 vote last year but a dispute over how it should be enforced meant that it has not been. A vote to kill the law is expected in two weeks. The item was discussed on Thursday.

As of October, BART police can now issue citations of $100 for the first violation and as much as $500 for subsequent offenses. Saltzman and others said that they felt that this law would unfairly target homeless people.

"This is not the way to go," Saltzman told The Chronicle, adding that she would support an expanded "etiquette campaign."