BART investigates video of teen spraying passengers with fire extinguisher

BART police are investigating a video of a teen spraying a fire extinguisher at passengers and yelling cuss words that is circulating around social media.

Posted on TikTok, the incident allegedly happened Christmas Eve. The video shows passengers begging the boy not to spray the toxic chemicals as he continually threatens them and ultimately fires the nozzle. A baby and a dog are among those targeted.

"This is how my Christmas Eve is going," said @ishmeboolu. The TikTok user was sitting a few feet away from the spraying suspect, and filmed the altercation behind the BART seats.

"You wanted it B****!" the suspect is heard yelling over and over.

After filling the train with a white cloud of smoke, he ditches when the doors open at the station.

The video has almost 300,000 likes and 20,000 comments, and has been shared across different platforms.

BART officials, however, told KTVU on Wednesday that they are investigating the veracity of the video. They said the report was made at 7:09 p.m. but when they stopped and boarded the train, they couldn't find any evidence of it actually happening.

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"Officers held a train at Lake Merritt Station and did not find a suspect, any witnesses or any extinguisher residue," said James K. Allison, BART Media Relations Manager. "Nonetheless, they are actively investigating the report."

Officials ask if anyone has information, please contact BART Police Criminal Investigations Division at 510-464-7040.