BART launches courtesy campaign, reminds elevators are not bathrooms

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BART is fighting back against the most annoying behaviors of riders and is reminding commuters of common courtesy. 

BART teamed up with California College of the Arts in San Francisco to create the courtesy campaign of graphic posters. 

A number of pain points are covered in the campaign including not giving up seats for pregnant women and litter on the escalators. One poster even reminds riders of the simple, yet fundamental fact, that elevators are not bathrooms. 

“We asked the students to come up with something attention grabbing, engaging, honest and playful,” said Alicia Trost, BART Spokesperson, who worked with the students in addition to BART’s Art Program Manager Jennifer Easton and Tim Chan, Acting Group Manager of Stations Planning. “We also wanted to embrace ideas and campaigns that younger generations would relate to and connect with,” Trost said.

About a dozen posters from the campaign will be featured on BART trains. The posters will begin popping up this month and will be featured through the year. 

Students along with BART are hoping the posters lead to a better experience.