BART police arrest man after stabbing on train at 19th Street Station

A man was arrested for allegedly stabbing a BART passenger at the 19th Street Station in Oakland, BART police said. 

Tamire Edwards, 54, was taken to Santa Rita Jail following the stabbing about midnight on Friday.

Police say Edwards allegedly stabbed another passenger as the train was entering the station. BART spokesman Jim Allison said the stabbing appeared unprovoked. 

The injury wasn't life-threatening, officials said. 

Officer put Edwards in handcuffs almost immediately. Video at the scene shows his arrest.

BART has been making an effort to increase safety on trains. The agency has a network of more than 4,000 cameras. More police officers have been hired. And recently, BART reduced the number of cars on trains, which allows this officers to patrol them more frequently. 

Passenger Anand Vora has noticed BART's efforts and appreciates them.

BART has "definitely had its struggles, the pandemic has been hard," he said. "But I see the crisis intervention specialists definitely trying their best."