BART ramps up efforts to catch fare cheats

BART is launching a major crackdown on fare cheats. 

Beginning Friday if you don't have a valid ticket you might wind up with a ticket which can cost up to $75.

BART will be sending out its newly assembled fare inspection team to various stations. 

Officers will be using special readers to check people's paper tickets and clipper cards.  

The crackdown is part of an effort to deal with a serious fare evasion problem on BART. The agency estimates it's been losing out on about $25 million a year because of people who ride for free.  
BART's board of directors passed a proof of payment ordinance, which requires anyone at a station or on a train to have a valid ticket. That rule went into effect Jan. 1. 

BART says fare inspectors will be moving from one passenger to the next to check their tickets, trying to reduce any perception of profiling.  

The inspectors will also be wearing body cameras so footage of an interaction can be reviewed.