BART removes mysterious #BARTbehavior101 signs

Signs posted on BART trains sounding off against racism and discrimination were unauthorized according to the transit system, but not everyone knew that at first. 

Some lashed out on social media at the signs that included the hashtag, #BARTbehavior101, while others embraced the message. 

The signs were posted Friday morning and people quickly caught wind of them once an editor from Buzzfeed posted an image on Twitter sparking a discussion about freedom of speech and hate.

KTVU hopped from one train to the next, checking area BART stations for these signs, but to no avail.

BART officials quickly removed them, denouncing their authenticity, and said they were not authorized, but the BART logo on the poster threw many passengers off.

Some riders who thought the posters were legitimate said they were shocked by the posters since the message contained profanity. Overall the message was about how "racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, and islamaphobia" are "prohibited" on BART. 

"I think it's good to have signs like that to remind people to be more mindful and compassionate. I'm a Buddhist, so I kind of swing that way, but not with the foul language," said Christian Heppinstall from Oakland. 

Many people overlooked the message and focused on the expletive. 

On Twitter, one person said, "What kind of example are you setting when you use terminology not suited for mainstream journalism?" 

BART responded saying it's not their poster and they don't know who put them up. 

The agency tweeted, "We don't prohibit speech; one has the right to hold hold vile views. However the Bay is NOT fertile ground for bigotry.. Look out for one another." 

"There are 8000,000 people who live in San Francisco and in that 800,000 people, there are 73 nationalities that live here just fine and have for a long time. This is just incitement, provocation and there's no room for it anymore." said Caria Tomzykowska of Oakland. 

KTVU reached out to BART for comment on the issue and said they are working on their own campaign that will celebrate diversity.