Bay Area election officials vow 'absolute confidence' in voting process

California voters should start receiving their mail-in ballots in the coming days, if they haven't already.

This year, every voter in the state who is registered to vote will automatically get a mail-in ballot, whether they request one or not. It's just one of the ways election officials are trying to help people feel safe, about voting during a pandemic.

There are a lot of new concerns for voters this year because of coronavirus and voter intimidation. 

The state and county election officials have made some changes.

In San Francisco, they've moved their voting center from inside City Hall to outdoors in case people want to cast their ballot in-person, but don't want the heightened risk of being indoors, in poorly ventilated spaces during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The San Francisco elections department will also provide in-person voting services at 588 polling places around the city.

Election officials are also keeping a close eye on any problems with voter intimidation at the polls. Any threatening language or actions will not be tolerated as people cast their ballots.

"Voters should have absolute confidence in the process and this whole narrative around voter fraud, vote by mail fraud, it's just not something I've seen in the 20 years that I've been director of elections here in San Francisco," said John Arntz, of the department of elections. 

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KTVU reached out to other counties around the bay that expressed similar confidence in voting security. 

In a statement, Napa County said "voters know that voting by mail is secure, easy and safe because they have been voting by mail for the past 12 years. "

And Santa Clara County election officials said: "We have numerous safety measures to ensure an accurate and transparent election process."

Also in Santa Clara, the SAP Center, home of the San Jose Sharks, will have two, secure ballot-drop off boxes on site to help people who are voting by mail.

Starting Monday and through Nov. 3, there will be two drops-off boxes, one on St. John Street with the other box located on Autumn Street just outside the SAP Center. 

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