Bay Area friends hope to reunite owners with 69-year-old wedding ring with shamrocks and stars

A unique vintage gold ring was found on a beach in Point Richmond.

An inscription suggests it’s at least 69 years old.

There’s now an effort by two Bay Area friends to track down the owner.

The thick gold-colored ring, most likely a man's, was found back in February on  by Christina Toms’ friend, Richard. It sat on Richard’s desk for months until he showed it to Toms. 

Richard doesn’t have social media, so Toms posted photos of the ring on her Twitter page with a plea to help track down the rightful owner.
“If there’s anything Twitter loves, it’s a mystery,” Toms said. "Let's see if we can find this ring its family." 

Her tweets blew up. And she’s tracked down the possible owners in Southern California. She plans to talk to them later on Thursday. 

The ring has a pattern of shamrocks and stars. On the inside, an inscription reads, “From now to eternity. Lily. 5-1-49.”