Bay Area law professors join chorus opposing confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to Supreme Court

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A letter will be delivered to the U.S. Senate on Thursday, signed by more than 1,000 law professors, urging senators to vote no on the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

The letter was published in the New York Times, and the professors cite, what they describe, as Kavanaugh's angry and partisan performance before the judiciary committee last week. 

They argue that "he doesn't have the judicial temperament required to sit on the high court." 

Dozens of Bay Are law professors signed their names to the letter, including at least ten from UC Hastings in San Francisco, 18 from UC Berkeley and 10 from Santa Clara University.

Kavanaugh has repeatedly denied allegations that he assaulted Christine Blasey Ford, a Palo Alto psychology professor, in the early 1980s.

By Thursday morning, the FBI background file Kavanaugh was making its way to the 100 senators who would be reading the confidential report one by one.  Neither Ford nor Kavanaugh was interviewed by the FBI. 

The full Senate is preparing to weigh in on Kavanaugh's nomination with an initial vote on Friday.