Bay Area lawmakers tour migrant detention facility in Texas

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Following Vice President Mike Pence's Friday tour of two detention facilities on the Texas border, Bay Area lawmakers were among U.S. Representatives who toured migrant detention facilities in Texas Saturday.

Representatives Jackie Speier, Anna Eshoo, and Mike Thompson were included in Saturday's delegation.

The group went to Brownsville, Texas to see the deteriorating conditions at the facilities housing hundreds, if not thousands, of immigrants detained by U.S. officials.

Rep. Jackie Speier took to Twitter Saturday morning, saying in part "They all pleaded for us to call their families.

Rep. Speier later Tweeted about the need to care for the young children.

In a third Tweet, Rep. Speier says Border Patrol agents are having difficulties finding a place to put minors who have children.

In a fourth Tweet, Rep. Speier talks about the haunting cries of the children in the compound.

Rep. Mike Thompson Tweeted that immigration raids are planned, and immigrants need to know their rights.

As of Saturday afternoon, it was unclear if the rumored raids on immigrants had begun in the Bay Area.