Bay Area photographers to showcase weather-centered photos at S.F. exhibit

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Bay Area photographers shoot breathtaking images of local landscape. Images are featured in special exhibition in San Francisco 

They wait for the perfect sunset or the fog shrouded over San Francisco just right or a clear night sky, and then they go, cameras in hand, to spots around the Bay Area and beyond, to shoot the perfect photograph.

They are members of an online group called Escaype, which monitors the weather with virtual stations and real meteorologists to feed real-time information to amateur and professional photographers interested in finding the best spots and the best conditions for outdoor photography. 

The outcomes are breathtaking photos of epic sunsets, stunning shots of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge, and frame-worthy pictures of Coit Tower, Lombard Street, Mount Diablo, and other Bay Area landmarks. Photographers also shoot weather-centered photos in Santa Cruz, Big Sur, Point Reyes, the Sonoma Coast and the Mendocino Coast. 

“Within this group there are some of the absolute best Bay Area photographers,’’ said Concord-based amateur photographer Ryan Fitzsimons, adding that the group is also the perfect social network to ask camera questions, get photo critiques and enhance photography skills. 

Fitzsimons joined the group, which charges a small monthly fee for its services, about six months ago and is one of dozens of photographers who will have pictures featured at Escaype’s “Bay Area in Motion” photography exhibition later this week. 

Photos will be on display from 6 to 9 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 3 at Spark Art Gallery in San Francisco. Fitzsimons said an on-site printer will allow people to purchase photos for a low price. 

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