Bay Area reacts to Kavanaugh confirmation

At the very minute that Brett Kavanaugh was being confirmed as the next justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Saturday, a group of about 50 protesters gathered at Lake Merritt in Oakland to voice their displeasure. The demonstrators held signs and chanted, “Lying is disqualifying.”

Among the protesters was Veronica Moscoso of Richmond, a survivor of sexual assault. “It feels terrible,” she said. “It gives a terrible message. It tells us we should be quiet, powerless and afraid.”

For others, the issue was Judge Kavanaugh’s performance last week before the Senate Judiciary committee.

“He had absolutely no composure,” said Robin Gilbert of Alameda. “He wasn’t able to handle the questions without completely melting down.”

San Francisco Mayor London Breed provided a statement on the confirmation. She said, in part, "The confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is an insult to women and survivors of sexual assault...This is a sad day for our country and a reminder of how much work remains ahead of us if we are to make our society a safe, welcoming, and just place for all citizens." 

Some protesters expressed frustration that Kavanaugh was confirmed in spite of national polls showing that a majority of Americans were against having Kavanaugh on the High Court.

“All the progress of the last 50 years is really at risk,” said Linda Riebel of Lafayette.

Gabriel Hanzel-Sello brought his niece and nephews to the protest since the decision would affect their lives and future generations. “We tell them to use your words,” he said. “And today it feels like that’s all we have, so we’re here.”