Bay Area residents gear up to watch 'Fight of the Century'

UNION CITY, Calif. (KTVU) – The fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao is being called the fight of the century.

As of Friday, the cheapest tickets on StubHub for the fight start at $2,700 and ringside tickets were $36,000.

"I've been looking for it this whole life," said Philip Dominguez of Fremont. "I was waiting for this event to come."

At the "Re-up" pop-up store in Union City, anything fight-related is gold.

"It's been ridiculous. We are super busy," said owner Anthony Lee.

Lee said over the past few days he's been working from dusk until dawn.

With half a dozen specially designed fight shirts and merchandise like boxing keychains, it's his busiest season yet.

"He's the people's champ," said Lee. "He's the pride of the Philippines. Everyone's been supportive. He's been a hero starting his career."

From poverty to Congressman, Pacquio is known as the pride of the Philippines.

He's the inspiration for a shirt at Cukui's in San Jose. In hours, the store sold 200 of them.

"He represents not just the sport of boxing," said Danny Le of Cukui. "People from the lowest to the highest position."

Former fighter turned coach Ed Carpio, who trains other fighters at Team CCK gym in San Jose has followed Pacquio's journey. He never forgets the day he met Pacquio and got his gloves signed.

"You see someone like that came from nothing into something, it motivates you to push harder and not necessarily to fight in the ring, but whatever it is in your life you are fighting for," said Carpio.

All of them are hoping to make their mark just like the biggest Filipino athlete in the world has made his mark.