Bay Area sports alive and well: Warriors eye playoffs, Giants prepare for rival Dodgers

Stephen Curry at Chase Center. Photo courtesy Golden State Warriors

It's a big night for Bay Area sports fans. The Golden State Warriors are getting ready for a one game play in; the winner goes on to the playoffs, the loser goes home. 

Dubs fans are hopeful that when Friday night's game comes to an end the Warriors will be the eighth and final seed in the Western Conference.

In Dub Nation, all eyes are on Chase Center as the Warriors take on the Memphis Grizzlies in the one game play-in. Alvin Schneider showed up at the Warriors shop, gearing up for what he predicts will be a big night for the dubs. 

"Prediction? I think the Warriors are going to win over 10 points, I mean I think they're going to win over 10 points," said Schneider. "Curry will be Curry, X factor, Wiggins will do his thing and I think JTA will be a big factor in scoring tonight too."

Regal Reynoso made the trip all the way up from Los Angeles. "This is baby Eva. She'll be going to her first game tonight," said Reynoso, showing off his young daughter.

He's hoping to watch the Warriors make history. "I think it's going to be a tough match," said Reynoso. "Memphis has some pretty decent players. But, overall I think the Warriors should take it."

He says he's hoping for a big weekend; the Dubs tip off at 6 p.m. and just 45 minutes later the Giants begin a three-game stand against longtime rival LA Dodgers. 

"It's busy. We'll do the game tonight and then Sunday we do the Giants Dodgers game," said Reynoso. "Going to go support my boy Urias for the Dodgers, let's go!"

The At Water Tavern is perfectly situated between Chase Center and Oracle Park. Basketball and baseball fans began showing up to at the watering hole hours before game time. John Caine says after a rough year with no sports, the city announcing that it would began relaxing restrictions for games coupled with the fact that basketball and baseball are back tonight means a great night for business. 

"Stinkin' Dodgers are here," said Caine. "Yeah, we've been waiting on this Dodgers series all year and this is game one, and lo-and-behold Steph is in town too across the street too, so we're very excited."

The Giants are on a roll, leading in the NL West.

The winner of tonight's Dubs Grizzlies match up will go on to face top seeded Utah Jazz.