Bay Area weather: Cold start to week, rain later

Temperatures dropped to some of their lowest of the winter in the Bay Area on Monday morning, while rain is expected for several days later in the week.

There is also likely to be another heavy snowstorm in the mountains around Lake Tahoe, which will help reverse the dry start to ski season.

Temperatures had been expected to fall into the mid-20s to 30s in parts of the interior Bay Area so, there was a frost advisory by the National Weather Service. That advisory was extended to the Santa Cruz mountains and parts of the Monterey coast as well. The advisory will be lifted at 10 a.m. today.

There is also expected to be light rain from Tuesday into Wednesday. The NWS characterized it as a "weak system."

But a stronger storm will reach the Bay Area on Saturday that may also dump another foot of snow era Tahoe. There was a big storm in the mountains over this past weekend that helped cover ski slopes with about a foot of fresh powder.