Bay Area welcomes first weekend of outdoor dining

Much like the bands on the street, the news of lifting the regional Stay-at-home order was music to the ears of residents all over California.

Governor Gavin Newsom made the announcement earlier this week, which assigned counties back to the state's colored-coded tier system; most counties in the state remain in the purple tier, including San Francisco. While the most strict, the purple tier does allow for outdoor dining.

"This is another chance to get up and going again," said Rachel Herbert. She owns the Dolores Park Cafe. 

"Outdoor seating is a big part of our business."

She says the small cafe is only making about 30% of its revenue compared to this time last year, calling it a blessing that her business is still surviving.

"Pre-covid, whenever there was an event at the park, it would be packed," she said.

"It would be a sunny day, patio full, there would be a line out the door."

No lines out the door Saturday, as residents slowly get used to the idea of a slow reopening. Herbert is happy to see the state push her business toward a direction of a permanent and full reopening.

"I'm hoping, as are others, with the vaccine coming along, we will be able to contiune this and not have it interrupted again."