BB gun vandals strike San Jose

San Jose Police are investigating a rash of overnight vandalism involving a BB gun.

Investigators say from 8:30 p.m. Monday night until 8:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, there were 12 different locations vandalized.

Along Alum Rock Avenue, a mess of broken glass littered the sidewalk in front of El Nuevo Rancho Grande.

"It feels really bad you get up and find your business destroyed like this," said owner Javier Sandoval.

His store had the front glass door shot out and other windows damaged.

"My damage is like $3,500-4,000 to repair," said Sandoval.

Surveillance camera captured the moment the door shattered after a car drove by at 3 in the morning.
His is one of at least 9 businesses had their windows hit in just the Little Portugal area, including restaurants Mariscos Cancun and Adega.

"I know of 7 just in a block and a half of where we're standing," said property owner David Vieira.

Meanwhile in Japantown, at least 8 cars along 5th street near Taylor Street had their windows shot out.

"I was getting in my car and I saw the pellet hole," said 89-year-old resident John Cavalieri. "So I come back and check all the cars and saw them all damaged."

Including Richard Allan Johns' Toyota that he bought brand new last month.

"It's too bad. It's horrible," said Johns.

Neighbors are turning security video over to police in hopes of catching the person behind the vandalism.

While police believe a BB gun was involved in each case, they are still investigating if they are related.

No arrest has been made.