Bear wanders through San Gabriel Valley neighborhood, faces off with dog

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A bear with an ear tag on Tuesday roamed a neighborhood in the San Gabriel Valley. 

It was spotted at about 3:30 p.m. near the 200 block of Oak Shade Road in Bradbury. At one point, the bear had an intense standoff with a dog and even a took a dip in a pool.

Video shows the small bear stopped a few feet away from the 1-year-old dog. They exchanged stares. The bear kept inching forward, lifting his paw at the dog, who ran back to the patio balcony.

The bear continued, and that's when the dog decided he'd had enough.

Eddie Hsu said his young children were inside the entire time when the dog chased the bear away.

"That gives me a piece of mind. Definitely," said Hsu.

Not enough peace of mind for his other neighbors. The bear ended up inside of George Velasquez's neighbors' home.

"Sometimes the bears, you got to be careful because they want food, and if you're not careful, they'll come after you," said Velasquez.

Valasquez put away his dog Chiona after the bear was caught sipping from his pool.

But many fear the lengths a bears will go through if they're hungry.

"They can break in very easy. They're powerful, very powerful," said Valasquez. 

One question FOX 11 asked Fish and Wildlife is if a bear would actually eat a dog. They said that would be extremely rare.

They like easy targets like fruit and food in trash cans. They also wouldn't find a dog very appetizing.

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